The Delco aluminum window features a thermally broken profile where the interior and exterior are connected with a high performance thermal break giving you the highest energy efficiency in the business.

The Delco high-energy aluminum window meets the CW classification, which is ideal for residential both new construction and replacement as well as mid size buildings and commercial projects.

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The construction of Delco's aluminum profiles for the operating sashes are constructed using aluminum corners completely adjustable for a perfect exterior finish. The aluminum profile for the frame is fastened using aluminum corner keys and crimping technology.


The frame depth is 114mm (4 1/2") or 152mm (6"). The standard sash depth is 73mm (2 7/8") with a height of 44mm (1 3/4'') and designed for 32mm (1 1/4'') glazed units. Mullions are 116mm (4 9/16") deep.


Continuous flexible weatherstrip and glazing beads, including the corners, on the glazed unit perimeter, ensure optimal insulation. A structural sealant joint is inserted on the window periphery on the interior part of the operating sash.

Thermal Performance

Delco's new thermal break is engineered material, designed for specific tasks, offering improved dimensional stability and higher deflection temperatures, resulting in increased strength. With this new technology, manufacturers have access to the perfect combination for their market.

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