What Type of Window is the Best Choice for Your Home?

You may be looking for replacement windows for your home in Toronto and the GTA. New windows can update the look of your house, improve energy efficiency, and provide egress in case of a fire. But what type of window is best for your home?

At Delco Windows and Doors, we have a wide variety of windows to choose from. We have different materials, styles, and colours to fit exactly what you’re looking for.

Vinyl windows are the most common choice for new windows in Toronto. They blend energy efficiency (most of our vinyl windows are Energy Star Rated), functionality, and cost effectiveness. They come in many colours. While white is standard, we can match Gentek colours in both regular and matte finishes. We can even custom match colours from Benjamin Moore in regular and matte finishes, and can make the interior a different colour from the exterior.

There are several styles of vinyl window. Casement and awning windows crank out. Casements and awnings are the most energy efficient style of operating vinyl window. Because they are only one panel, it is much easier to get a better seal, which in turn creates a better level of energy efficiency.

Slider and hung windows slide side to side, or up and down, respectively. These sliders can be made bigger than the casements and awnings, and are more cost effective. While not as energy efficient, they can be made bigger and cheaper than the crank out alternatives.  Both versions of the slider windows can be made as

We also offer hopper windows, which open into the house and are excellent choices for egress, or escape, windows. Most clients will choose these windows to be put in the basement for basement apartments, or for basement bedrooms.

If you’re interested in European windows, also known as tilt and turn windows, we have you covered. Common throughout Europe, tilt and turn windows open into the house. They can either tilt in at the top, or open fully into your home. This is a great space saver, especially if you are close to your neighbours.  Additionally, they have the energy efficiency of a casement or awning window, with the ability to be made to a larger size than either. They also work as egress windows, offering a quick and easy escape in the case of an emergency. Overall, they are a beautiful alternative to typical vinyl windows.

In addition to our wide variety of vinyl windows, we offer slim-line aluminum windows. Aluminum windows are available in casement and awnings. They boast a slimmer profile than our vinyl windows, which in turn can give your house a more modern, architectural look. Popular in new builds, aluminum windows are a great way to provide the style you’re looking for, while still offering great energy efficiency and value for their price.

If you are looking for new windows in Toronto and the GTA, Delco Windows has you covered. With a wide variety of styles and materials, we have what you need to complete your project as your envision and on budget.