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Frequently Asked Questions

If I already have a double-pane window, is that energy efficient?

Although double-pane is more significantly insulative than a single pane window, you should be aware of the age of your windows. If your double-pane windows are older than 20 years, chances are, the seals have cracked, and there may be leakage. Also, old double-pane windows were made in an era before many of the advanced technologies like gas fillings, vinyl frames, and low-conductive spacers were readily available. Many of our homeowners replace old double-pane windows with new ones, and see significant energy savings.

What is the difference between vinyl windows and other windows?

A vinyl window is actually referring to the frame, not the glass itself. Glass panes remain “made of glass”. But the frame, the material along the edges that holds the window together, can be made of many kinds of material, including aluminum, vinyl (pvc), and wood. Vinyl has a low conductive property, which means that the temperature between outside and inside stay apart longer, and don’t pass through as easily as metal. This is the energy efficiency we refer to from vinyl windows.

Are windows from Canada different than windows from the USA?

What is most important to look for is the Energy Star Certified in Canada label. It is similar to the ratings system in the States; but for the Canadian market. Because Canada’s overall climate is trends towards colder winters, it is essential to have high-efficiency windows. Delco Windows & Doors carries a full line of certified high-efficiency windows.

What are gas-filled windows?

When a window is filled with gas, Argon, (and sometimes krypton and xenon) is injected into the space between the glass panes of the window. This forms a denser barrier, functioning much like water, that slows down the temperature transfer between the inside and outside of a window. Gas-filled windows are one of many features that help create energy efficiency. Older windows in your home likely do not have this gas-filled feature, as it a more recent development over the past 20 years.

Do I need to get a permit to install a new window?

A permit is required in the event that you will be making structural or material changes to your house as part of the installation. In other words if you are creating new openings, or increasing the size of your windows, a permit is necessary.

I want to make a larger window than what is already there. Can I do that?

In some cases, yes. However, it all depends on the load-bearing nature of the studs in your wall near the vertical sides (jambs) of your window. If they are transferring significant structural load around your window, it is not wise to adjust the width. Often times, the height of a window, however, is easier to change; still providing you a larger, more spacious, window.

Are Delco Windows & Doors made in Canada?

All our windows and doors are custom manufactured here in Canada. All components assembly is done right here, contributing to the Canadian and local Toronto economy. Delco is part of the manufacturing process. But we also offer service of design, installation, and follow-up.

Can I purchase a Delco Window, and have someone else install it?

While we can simply provide the actual window or door itself, and let you obtain your own installer, it is recommended that Delco handle the entire process. The transferrable warranty is available for full-service installations.

I want to stick with aluminum frame windows. Are there ones that are more energy efficient?

While our specialty is high-efficiency replacement vinyl windows, we do offer some other frame materials, including wood-aluminum hybrid frames, and newer aluminum framing, which has some of the energy efficient benefits of vinyl.

I see condensation inside my window glass. What should I do?

Condensation inside window panes is typically due to broken seals around the window, which let air transfer into the pane. Once this happens, the window glass loses much of its insulative properties. While in theory, the glass could be resealed, it is difficult and expensive to remove the unsightly condensation, as well as correct the future possibility of it happening again. It is best to replace the window altogether. New vinyl frame windows have better, longer-lasting seals.

How much money does an entry door cost?

There is a wide range of prices for entry doors. Steel entry doors are on the lower-range, about $1,000 - $2,500 CAD range. Fiberglass doors, with their sophisticated insulative materials, can range from $2,500- $3,000. Depending on installation options, these prices may change.

Does Delco warranty their products?

We offer a transferable warranty for our window and door products, all parts, as well as labour. Ask us for details.

Do you offer discounts like other companies?

Our Discounts

We do offer discounts for certain window and door installation projects. For example, depending on the number of windows you want to install, we offer a multi-window installation discount for some large projects. In addition, by having our installation crew come just one time, instead of multiple projects, we can pass some savings on to you. this can sometimes lead to savings of 30-50% off the entire project.

Eye-Opening Truth about Window and Door Installation Promotional Discounts

Be aware, there are several window and door contractors in the Toronto area that advertise promotional offers like 45% off or even 50% off installation. To be honest, this is deceptive. What these companies do not tell you, is that many customers do not qualify. These discounts often only apply to their higher-priced window and door models.

Also, sometimes these promotions require customers to use their contracted financing partner, which they make a kickback fee from, leaving you with higher interest rates than if you were to simply shop around. Also, some of these financing options require a high application fee that is above and beyond the interest, and have prepayment penalties and additional annual fees. In addition, these promotions require a very large minimum order, (sometimes full house window and door replacements), using the more expensive models that they marked the price up artificially to make up for the discount. In the end, the homeowner is stuck with unnecessarily expensive windows and high payments.


Best Options for Window and Door Discounts

We recommend homeowners to shop around. The best way to know you are getting the best deal is to stick with a company that has been in the Toronto area for a long time and has a reputation to grow and protect. Here are some tips:

  1. Consider clearance models and returns in their centre, sometimes you can find windows and doors over 50% off
  2. Ask if they offer multi-window discounts
  3. Ask if there are combined project discounts (windows and doors, done together in the same project)
  4. As if there are last-season models, colours, or other product-based discounts
  5. Find out all the costs of their dealer financing
Do you offer payment options for window and door installation?

Yes, we offer several payment options, including our in-house financing.

Window and Door Purchase and Installation and Payment Plans

You can take advantage of no interest and no payments for 180 days, or other financing options that suit your budget.

Delco Windows and Doors accepts many payment plans and forms of payment, to make your window and door installation project a success.

Learn more about payment options here.

Do you accept the Canada Greener Homes Grant?

Yes. The Canada Greener Homes Grant offers up to $10,6000 back to homeowners who retrofit their homes with energy efficient windows and doors. This also includes certain other energy-efficiency retrofits. 

If you don't know how to apply, we can help you. We are happy to give you advice on which window and door models qualify, and how the program operates.

How Does the Loan Pay Out?

The loan can pay a portion (up to 15%) of the loan amount up front such as deposits and down payments. The remaining amount will be paid after the post-retrofit evaluation has verified the successful completion of the retrofits.

To request the upfront portion, you must upload your final contractor quote, and input the requested deposit amount, into your loan portal.

What Retrofits Qualify for the Canada Greener Homes Loan?

Retrofits can include qualified versions of:

  • New doors
  • New windows
  • Insulation
  • Air-Sealing
  • Renewable energy and solar panels
  • Smart thermostats
  • Heating
  • And more

These items must be of a certain rating and installed by a qualified contractor. Windows and Doors must be EnergyStar certified. More details can be found with Natural Resources Canada.

What is not eligible?
  • Any retrofit that was performed before the pre-retrofit evaluation
  • Skylights
  • Performed before December 1, 2020
  • Leased or Rented
  • Storage and tankless water heaters other than heat pump water heaters
  • Several other elements
What is the difference between the loan and grant?

The grant provides funds that do not have to be repaid. This can be up to $10,600 per home, to cover both the evaluations and parts of the retrofits. Both the loan and grant require the same accountability program and work together. Pre and post-retrofit evaluations are required.

The loan, however, can be up to $40,000 in interest-free payments, paid over 10 years.

I applied for the grant already. How do I apply for the loan?

It’s simple. If you live in Ontario, you’ll be given access to a similar, but separate portal for the Canada Greener Homes Loan. For some provinces, it is directly part of the grant portal.

If I’ve already started my retrofits, can I apply for the loan?

You must first have a qualified pre-retrofit evaluation performed before any retrofit work can start or be completed. Any retrofits already completed do not qualify, but additional retrofits recommended by the EnerGuide advisor from the evaluation can qualify.

Can I get the loan without the grant?

No. First, you must apply for the grant and be qualified. Then you are eligible to apply for the loan. This allows the grant to be fully used and reduces the costs to the loan program.

Will this loan appear on my credit?

Yes, Equifax Canada will track the performance of your loan payoff.

Is there a Cost

Every window and door dealer may have different prices for their models and installation. Both product and installation costs can qualify. However, it is recommended that you shop around to find the best option for you. Depending on financing options, you may not have to come out of pocket for any of the costs.

In fact, there is a cost for not applying for the program. This program is already funded by government and utility charges. It can only be claimed if you apply.

How long is it available?

7 years staring from January 2022

Can rental homes or second homes qualify?

Yes, rental homes can qualify as long as you are the owner.

Can Tenants qualify?

Unfortunately, Tenants can’t qualify.

I just replaced my windows. Can I apply after?

No, you can’t, as you must do the first assessment before you install the windows or doors.

Who Do You Hire for Window Installers?

All of our window installers are part of our company. This allows us to maintain control and quality. If there is ever an issue with your replacement window project, you do not need to call several people or hunt down a sub contractor. We handle it all. The window installers that will install your windows are trained, licensed and specialized in windows and doors. YHou will know you are receiving the best quality window installation when you know the window installers are part of our company. 

This is what makes full-service window installation. From measurement and planning, to purchase, permits and delivery, and finally window installation, Delco Windows and Doors handles the entire process. 

How Do I Know Which Replacement Window to Install

There are many kinds of replacement windows. Between sizes, energy efficiency ratings, and man y other factors, we understand it can be woverwhelming. During the measurement and consultation, we assist our clients on choosing the best replacement window for the job. We want to earn your business by giving you the options for the best value window for the project, not the most expensive. Our clients come back, and refer other clients, because they know they have received the best replacement windows that last for years to come, and are competitively priced. 


Three types of Replacement Window Categories

It is helpful to know that there are two types categories when it comes to deciding on replacement windows. And while there are other ways of categorizing, such as levels of energy efficiency, they all ultimately relate to two categories. Once you know these, you can then move forward with the right one.

1. Window Function

Some windows have a specific function they perform. For example, operable windows, simply open up or move. This allows for fresh air, various types of ventillation, and cleaning. Also, stable, fixed windows, provide a function. Even the glass, such as a frosted feature, provides a function of privacy. Do you want a window that can open? Do you want a window that offere privacy? Do you want a window that has a special film for reducing certain kinds of light? Look at the functions of your desired windows.

2. Window Material

The type of material can be a big factore in replacement window choice. When we look at material, we are referring to the frame material. Virtually all window glazing is made of glass. But the frame material makes a big difference, depending on the location, style of home, stud framing, siding, etc. The big replacement window material types include: vinyl windows, wood windows, fiberglass windows, and aluminum windows. Our initial consultation can give you helpful advice and guidance on which material works best for your situation.

3. Window Fashion

Finally, look and design is the third big category of replacement windows. Size, color, films, amd frame thickness can all impact the style of windows. There are also minor design styles like grilles, mundons, and even matching trim. Window fashon plays a big role in selecting the right replacement window, especially for custom homes and luxury estates. 


Deciding the best replacement window for your job

When you have reviewed the functions, frame material and design of your replacement windows, you are now ready to make the right choice. You can have peace-of-mind know ing you picked the right window for your home, to enjoy for years to come.


Is a Triple Pane better than Double Pane Replacement Window?

Double-pane replacement windows were a large improvement over old single-pane windows of the past. Panes, also called glazing, is the sheet of glass that forms the surface of a window. Double-pane windows are two sheets of glass, sealed in the sash, forming a vacuum gap, that reduces heat loss and energy loss. Double pane is the standard for any replacement window. Recent advancements have now made triple pane (glazing of three sheets of glass, with two vacuum gaps) a viable option. These windows are ultra high efficiency, and offer the greatest energy savings of all window glazing. However, the cost is much higher. Up to 40% higher on the product. 

For most homeowners, we recommend a higher grade double pane replacement window over a triple pane. The use of films, advanced spacers and frame insulation, will bring energy savings comparable to a triple pane window, with less cost. Homeowners, needing additional sound reducing benefits, and the highest level of energy savings, can opt for a triple-pane replacement window.

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Amazing service and quality products. Installation was on time and on budget. Our windows look awesome. Edan gave us his full attention from the first call and every step of the way after. Highly recommend.

Adam Rivers Reviewer Image

Adam Rivers


New windows and door for basement and new metal/glass back door for main house - even through my indecisiveness and the covid-19 challenges Ayal and his installers were patient with me and I am very happy with the look and quality of the install.

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Geraint Reviewer Image



It was a pleasure dealing with Jack and all Delco's stuff. The windows arrived on the date for which were promised. The quality of the service, product and workmanship were excellent. I would gladly recommend Delco to anyone need Windows and Doors

Ruven Y. Reviewer Image

Ruven Y.


We're so happy with our new front door. Very high quality finish, beautiful window. Installation was impeccable and done very quickly. Hinge and 3-point lock mechanism fit perfectly and feel very solid. Very attentive customer service. Door really ups our curb appeal!

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Jim Bird Reviewer Image

Jim Bird


I just had my front door replaced and cannot say enough good things about this company. From start to finish their professionalism is outstanding, and the workmanship excellent. Would highly recommend

Maureen Fuller Reviewer Image

Maureen Fuller


Delco supplies my windows and doors for renovations throughout the GTA. Edan and his staff are the best. Well priced quality products and personalized service. Highly recommended.

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Noah Klar Reviewer Image

Noah Klar


We have 3 sliding doors and a double front door replaced. All work was done professionally but well qualified craftsman. Watching them work it was clear they new what they were doing and work is first class.

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R. Pierce Reviewer Image

R. Pierce


We used Delco to replace our windows and patio door and door glass inserts. We are very happy with the quality of the windows and patio door and were very impressed with the installers as well who were very professional and clean. Thank you Nasho and George for your hard work and patience. Also, a big thank you to Ayal who always returned my calls and answered all my questions.

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Sandra Reviewer Image



Delco provided all the exterior doors for our new home build. Ayal was great and the company is very customer service oriented. The doors look beautiful, the hardware is high end and the install went very well. Overall we are very happy with the product and service.

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Sarah Reviewer Image



Ayal and Edan were great to work with. They provided extensive product knowledge and had a great selection in their showroom. The windows and doors changed the whole look of the house and gave a much needed modern yet classic update. Great quality and workmanship! Thank you!

Stephanie Lannaci Reviewer Image

Stephanie Lannaci


Both my wife and I could not have been happier with the product and service displayed by the owner and the installers. They had kept true to there word and the timelines. The process was catered to our schedule and was seamless.

Fabrizio Macieri Reviewer Image

Fabrizio Macieri


Had a great experience with Delco. They were professional and did a great job on time.

Joey Oliveira Reviewer Image

Joey Oliveira


Our experience with Delco Doors has been very good. We needed to replace out front door. Our old 6 feet Steel doors were removed and replaced with Delco 8 feet Fiberglass Doors. The installation went very smoothly, and the guys made sure that everything was fitting squarely and tight. They cleaned up after they were done and were very pleasant to work with. Would highly recommend them.

Angie Gandhi Reviewer Image

Angie Gandhi


A fantastic company to deal with from start to finish. They were professional, courteous and the project was completed in the timeframe agreed upon. Would highly recommend Delco.

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Linda Reviewer Image



I would recommend Delco Windows and Doors without any hesitation. The quality of the products is very good, the installation exceeded my expectations and the responsiveness and punctuality is impressive.

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Serban Dinca Reviewer Image

Serban Dinca


Very good and timely service. A pleasure to work with Edan Next time I need windows and doors I will definitely call them again

Adrian Nema Reviewer Image

Adrian Nema


Recently ordered a custom window from Delco. We are extremely happy with the level of customer service - Elyse went out of her way to notify us when the window came in and came in to work on her day off so we could come pick up the window. If we need another window we will definitely come back to Delco!

Jonathon & Sheri Mcintosh Reviewer Image

Jonathon & Sheri Mcintosh


I would highly recommend this company, the final product was beyond my expectations, My new front door makes my house standout so happy thank you Delco Windows and doors. I will definitely use Delco Windows and doors again in the future thanks to Edan and the installers

Maria Reviewer Image



Existing door replacement is a delicate project. I am very satisfied with job well done by Ayal Jack and his installer. Highly professional team, they know their business well, easy to deal with, very accommodating. He guided us step by step to select the best fit for our purpose.

homestars logo image
Alfy Reviewer Image



I would highly recommend this company. They were very easy to deal with, accommodating and professional. The final product was beyond my expectations. The products completely transformed the front of my house and for sure increased its value and curb appeal. Thanks!

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Mi Reviewer Image



Happy experience from start to finish. Thank you to Edan for going out of his way to meet us late one evening and his helpful consultation in the showroom especially thank you to the extremely professional, clean and friendly crew of installers. Everything was as promised, the men arrived on time, their work was immaculate and complete, their craftsmanship beyond reproach.

Esther Tobin Reviewer Image

Esther Tobin

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