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Double Slider Windows


Sliding windows are a practical and affordable solution to any type of home. One or two sashes slide open horizontally to let in the breeze. With the double slider both sashes tilt in for safe and easy cleaning of the exterior glass from inside your home. This makes window cleaning and maintenance easy and less costly, and it can be done safely. Double slider tilt windows are perfect for a large window area where maximum ventilation is required without obstructing the view.


  • UPVC- made from non-recycled PVC powder
  • Multi-chambered frame and sash profiles for better thermal performance and structural integrity
  • Fusion welded corners in both the frame and the sash to eliminate air and water infiltration and increase the strength and insulating value of the window
  • Triple-seal weather-stripping and step-down frame design provide superior protection against air and water infiltration.
  • Cardinal I.G XL Full 7/8 insulating glass units using warm edge technology
  • LowE/Argon high performance glass
  • Recessed tilt latches for a clean, smooth appearance
  • High performance sloped sill, with interior and exterior drainage cavities, designed to keep water out
  • Screens are removable from inside the home for added convenience and safety (Double Tilt: Full Screen)
  • One-inch overlap interlock syrtem provides extra protection against wind and water
  • Good choice for replacement windows for your home
  • Direct-to-homeowner Windows
  • Windows made right here in Toronto


climate zone

Lower your energy cost with replacement vinyl windows from Delco Windows and Doors

Up To


Of A Home's Total Heat Loss

Occurs Through Its Windows

Heating Accounts For


Of Energy Use In The

Average Canadian Home

Low-E Coated Windows

Can Stop Approximately


Of UV Penetration

Using Argon Gas Can Improve

Insulation By Approximately


Compared To Air


Delco brings you the best in high efficiency window technology through a full line of glass options by Pilkington, Guardian & Cardinal Glass.

cardinalPilkingtonGuardian Industries


glass pack 2

LOE-180 by Cardinal or LE8 by Pilkington

This is our standard glass package for all windows.

Specially designed for Toronto’s climate, LoE-180 keeps your home warm on the inside, when it is freezing on the outside. It allows more of winter’s sunlight to pass through into the home, creating passive solar heating, while blocking heat loss during the night. By using a unique coating on the outside of the window, Cardinal’s LoE-180 windows creates a thermal barrier that help make your home fully insulated, while having plenty of natural light.

This is the highest base standard glass for Canadian climates throughout Toronto, the GTA, and Ontario areas. It raises the bar and creates the new EnergyStar standard for all of Canada. Delco is proud to have LoE-180 as its standard glass package for new window installations. This window technology will help make your home a cozy, warm and comfortable home year round.




Year-round comfort for your home.

Cardinal’s LoE-272 window glass helps your home to be warm and cozy in the winter, and cool and comfortable in the heat of the summer. It offers that right balance needed for your home.

While Toronto’s winters can be cold, summer days can be downright uncomfortable. Windows themselves can transmit temperature to the touch, causing energy loss. LoE-272 nearly eliminates this problem. In winter, LoE-272 reflects heat back in the room. In summer, it reduces heat gain from the window by preventing heat absorption of the window itself. Saving you on your summer air conditioning costs, while reducing winter heating costs. This give the opportunity to have all-year energy savings at its highest level.


glass pack 5

LOE-366 by Cardinal or LE6 by Guardian

THE NEW OUTSTANDING WINDOW GLASS for ultra high-efficiency homes.

LoE-366 delivers the ideal balance of solar control and high visibility. And it provides the highest levels of year-round comfort and energy savings, making it the perfect glass for homes in the Toronto area. What makes that happen? A unique technology using a triple layer of silver.

The coating is clear, yet blocks even more summer solar gain, yet reflects winter heat back into your home. Bright, well lit, and comfortable . . . all year long.

Also, LoE-366 offers the highest in fading protection. It blocks 95% of the sun’s damaging UV rays, a major cause of furniture, curtains, paint and floor fading. LoE-366 not only protects your energy bills, but extends the life of your home’s cherished items.

Lastly, by reducing temperature differences on the glass, it reduces humidity buildup. The benefits are endless!

If you want to let light in, while avoiding the negative effects of tinting, LoE-366 is for you. Ideal for modern homes, off-grid, or homes seeking to be near zero-emissions. This is the ultimate standard in energy efficient windows for homes around Toronto. And Delco is happy to offer this upgrade to any window installation package.


glass pack 4


Cardinal’s LoE-i89 gives the best U-factors (insulating property) of all its glass packages. Delco offers LoE-i89 as an upgrade to any of its standard glass packages.

What sets this glass apart is its enhanced winter performance for northern latitudes like much of Canada. It allows even more natural light in, while reducing heat loss than our standard glass package. It reflects your interior heat back into your home.

It’s like having triple pane window power inside a simple double-pane window. And to top it off, there is no haze to worry about. Clean, transparent windows, that bring the warm winter sun into your home, and helps you enjoy all the views, right from the comfort of inside your home. You’ll have the warmest, most comfortable home in the neighborhood with windows using LoE-i89 technology.


glass pack 1

Triple Glass

Triple-pane glass gives you the highest energy efficiency through multiple layers of insulation in your window panes. Three Panes, separated by your choice of gas-filled or standard spaces. More deluxe than double-pane windows, triple-pane gives you a superior insulation factor. This provides the ultimate in high-efficiency window technology.


glass pack 6


With the Neat® glass option, you gain natural cleaning convenience. By harnessing the sun’s UV rays (even when the sky is cloudy) to loosen dirt from the glass, rainwater can easily rinse away grime. Living in Canada, you know how dirt, rain and snow can be hard on windows. Why not let nature clean your windows?


glass pack 8


Preserve® film is standard, and factory-applied to both the interior and exterior surfaces of the glass of many of our windows. This means the glass surfaces will be protected from dirt and scratches that could occur during shipping and handling or at a construction site of your home. No need to spend extra time cleaning your new windows. With easy quick removal, your windows will be spotless from day one.



Laminated Glass

Have the ultimate in protection from window breakage with Laminated Glass. By building in an interior transparent plastic vinyl layer, broken shards of glass will stay adhered to it and reduce the problem of glass pieces. It also strengthens the window itself. Laminated glass is offered as an upgrade to many of Delco’s window installation packages.


glass pack 9

Tempered Glass

The tempered glass option is available in all glass types and provides extra strength, enabling it to withstand force or pressure on its surface and it will not break into sharp pieces and glass splinters. If ever broken, the glass will split in a safer way. Many local building codes in and around the GTA often encourage or require tempered glass to be used in all windows that are close to the floor or near doors, tubs, or showers.



Textured Glass

For privacy, moderated light, or simply design, Textured glass gives you a unique window for that special need. We have several texture options to choose from. Ask Delco how Textured Glass can provide privacy in places like bathrooms, while allowing natural light in.

textured glass 1


textured glass 2


textured glass 3

Glue Chip

textured glass 4


Divided Lites


Grilles Between the Glass

Add architectural interest with our divided lite options. Enjoy increased visual appeal and decreased maintenance with our grilles between the glass, which consist of a spacer bar placed between the panes of the insulating glass. They are an ideal choice because they require no upkeep and will not interfere with window cleaning. We offer 5/8" or 7/8" flat grilles, as well as 5/8" or 1" contour grilles in several grille patterns. These grilles are available in the color that matches the exterior color of the patio door you choose.

contour griles

Contour Grilles

flat griles

Flat Grilles

simulated lites

Simulated Divided Lites

Add architectural interest to your windows with our divided lite options. These options include simulated divided lites (SDL) for an authentic look. They feature grilles that are permanently attached to both the interior and exterior glass (aluminum for clad exteriors, wood for wood exteriors), metal bars placed between the panes of insulating glass to provide design detail.

Grille Designs

grille design 1

Colonial Grille

grille design 2

No Grille

grille design 3

Prairie Grille

grille design 4

Top Down Grille

Custom Built In Blinds

Delco’s built-in blinds incorporate traditional window blinds between an insulated panel, making them easy to use, convenient, and safe. Ideal for bathrooms & Bedrooms

custom built



Enhance the look of your home with Delco’s wide selection of colours. Using the world’s leading nanotechnology, our finishes bond at the molecular level for increased durability and richer colours. colors


security matters

Forced Entry

Delco's Contour Series has achieved an astounding rating for successfully resisting forced entry. This provides you with extra security against break-ins. We have achieved the highest Canadian standards and well beyond North American protocols. All Delco's Contour Series windows were proven to resist attempts by experts with burglary tools. Ontario police forces recommend this feature. It withstands forces up to 300 lbs! Security can sometimes and suddenly become very important. We take it seriously.  You’ll have the peace-of-mind of safety and security, with Delco’s force-resistant windows. forced entry




Vent Latch (Standard)

This Sliding Window Vent lock also tucks away to allow the window to be opened fully. Snaps into an existing receptacle on the vinyl track.


Built In Sash Handle (Standard)

for durability and ease of operational use.


Lock Tilt Mechanism (Standard)

Quick-lock tilt in mechanisms.





Make your windows appear more prominent by adding exterior brickmoulds. Hometech offers a variety of brickmoulds. Match your window’s colour and choose from many different profiles. All brickmoulds come with a built in rubber gasket removing the need to use calking.


Interior Options

  • Solid vinyl jambs, can be cut down to meet most jamb depth needs.
  • Vinyl Clad Jamb (Wood Wrapped in Vinyl), can be cut down to meet most jamb depth needs.
  • A Variety of Different Wood Jambs (Primed Paint Grade, Pine, Oak, etc.), can be cut down to meet most jamb depth needs.



Fiberglass Mesh (Standard)

Our standard charcoal fiberglass mesh insect screens for windows keep insects outside, while letting in natural light. The frames are available with colors to match the patio door color you choose. All window and door screens are not safety and security device, but work well to keeping insects out while letting air and light in.



For the best view with a screen, BetterVue™ screens are designed to let more natural light inside compared to regular screens. BetterVue insect screens feature fine, black fiberglass mesh with a light gloss finish, and the frame is available to match the window color you choose. Keep insects out, but let the most light and view in.
If you want the closest to transparent view with a screen, BetterVue is your best choice.
Delco offers BetterVue as an upgrade option on all vinyl windows.



finest warranty

The Finest Warranty In The Industry

Enjoy peace of mind with Delco’s comprehensive warranty. Our extensive warranty will have you covered with every product purchased and installed.
Delco’s coverage is transferable to the next home owner when you sell your home.
This is the best warranty in the business period.

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Amazing service and quality products. Installation was on time and on budget. Our windows look awesome. Edan gave us his full attention from the first call and every step of the way after. Highly recommend.

Adam Rivers Reviewer Image

Adam Rivers


New windows and door for basement and new metal/glass back door for main house - even through my indecisiveness and the covid-19 challenges Ayal and his installers were patient with me and I am very happy with the look and quality of the install.

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It was a pleasure dealing with Jack and all Delco's stuff. The windows arrived on the date for which were promised. The quality of the service, product and workmanship were excellent. I would gladly recommend Delco to anyone need Windows and Doors

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Ruven Y.


We're so happy with our new front door. Very high quality finish, beautiful window. Installation was impeccable and done very quickly. Hinge and 3-point lock mechanism fit perfectly and feel very solid. Very attentive customer service. Door really ups our curb appeal!

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Jim Bird Reviewer Image

Jim Bird


I just had my front door replaced and cannot say enough good things about this company. From start to finish their professionalism is outstanding, and the workmanship excellent. Would highly recommend

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Maureen Fuller


Delco supplies my windows and doors for renovations throughout the GTA. Edan and his staff are the best. Well priced quality products and personalized service. Highly recommended.

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Noah Klar Reviewer Image

Noah Klar


We have 3 sliding doors and a double front door replaced. All work was done professionally but well qualified craftsman. Watching them work it was clear they new what they were doing and work is first class.

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R. Pierce Reviewer Image

R. Pierce


We used Delco to replace our windows and patio door and door glass inserts. We are very happy with the quality of the windows and patio door and were very impressed with the installers as well who were very professional and clean. Thank you Nasho and George for your hard work and patience. Also, a big thank you to Ayal who always returned my calls and answered all my questions.

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Delco provided all the exterior doors for our new home build. Ayal was great and the company is very customer service oriented. The doors look beautiful, the hardware is high end and the install went very well. Overall we are very happy with the product and service.

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Ayal and Edan were great to work with. They provided extensive product knowledge and had a great selection in their showroom. The windows and doors changed the whole look of the house and gave a much needed modern yet classic update. Great quality and workmanship! Thank you!

Stephanie Lannaci Reviewer Image

Stephanie Lannaci


Both my wife and I could not have been happier with the product and service displayed by the owner and the installers. They had kept true to there word and the timelines. The process was catered to our schedule and was seamless.

Fabrizio Macieri Reviewer Image

Fabrizio Macieri


Had a great experience with Delco. They were professional and did a great job on time.

Joey Oliveira Reviewer Image

Joey Oliveira


Our experience with Delco Doors has been very good. We needed to replace out front door. Our old 6 feet Steel doors were removed and replaced with Delco 8 feet Fiberglass Doors. The installation went very smoothly, and the guys made sure that everything was fitting squarely and tight. They cleaned up after they were done and were very pleasant to work with. Would highly recommend them.

Angie Gandhi Reviewer Image

Angie Gandhi


A fantastic company to deal with from start to finish. They were professional, courteous and the project was completed in the timeframe agreed upon. Would highly recommend Delco.

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I would recommend Delco Windows and Doors without any hesitation. The quality of the products is very good, the installation exceeded my expectations and the responsiveness and punctuality is impressive.

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Serban Dinca Reviewer Image

Serban Dinca


Very good and timely service. A pleasure to work with Edan Next time I need windows and doors I will definitely call them again

Adrian Nema Reviewer Image

Adrian Nema


Recently ordered a custom window from Delco. We are extremely happy with the level of customer service - Elyse went out of her way to notify us when the window came in and came in to work on her day off so we could come pick up the window. If we need another window we will definitely come back to Delco!

Jonathon & Sheri Mcintosh Reviewer Image

Jonathon & Sheri Mcintosh


I would highly recommend this company, the final product was beyond my expectations, My new front door makes my house standout so happy thank you Delco Windows and doors. I will definitely use Delco Windows and doors again in the future thanks to Edan and the installers

Maria Reviewer Image



Existing door replacement is a delicate project. I am very satisfied with job well done by Ayal Jack and his installer. Highly professional team, they know their business well, easy to deal with, very accommodating. He guided us step by step to select the best fit for our purpose.

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Alfy Reviewer Image



I would highly recommend this company. They were very easy to deal with, accommodating and professional. The final product was beyond my expectations. The products completely transformed the front of my house and for sure increased its value and curb appeal. Thanks!

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Mi Reviewer Image



Happy experience from start to finish. Thank you to Edan for going out of his way to meet us late one evening and his helpful consultation in the showroom especially thank you to the extremely professional, clean and friendly crew of installers. Everything was as promised, the men arrived on time, their work was immaculate and complete, their craftsmanship beyond reproach.

Esther Tobin Reviewer Image

Esther Tobin

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