Hybrid Wood Windows

Hybrid Wood windows offer the perfect combination of wooden design and vinyl durability.

Made with long lasting vinyl material on the outside to withstand the elements, and traditional wood on the inside to provide a beautiful, natural finished look to your home decor.

Hybrid Vinyl Wood Windows

New Technology meets traditional Wood decor

The look of wood windows has long been admired for their natural beauty, especially when built in oak, pine and cherry, which always add an element of style to any room. The drawback is that over a period of time, wooden windows tend to warp, crack, and even rot as a result of being exposed to moisture from wet weather, temperature fluctuations, and high humidity.

Enersense advanced technology has lately found a solution to offer the appealing look of traditional wood windows, with the durability of vinyl to stand up to the test of time.

Hybrid Windows capture the best of both worlds; the weather resistance and long term durability of vinyl to withstand harsh outdoor changes, and wood made interior that adds a natural classic look in the inside of your home. Our hybrid wood windows in Toronto come in 3 custom wood options either of Cherry, pine or oak.

If desired, these windows can be stained or painted on the inside. The vinyl frame on the exterior can be painted to a color of your choice. As with other Energy Star rated windows, you enjoy the same energy efficiency to keep your property comfortable, also featuring noise reduction to keep out disturbing outdoor sounds, and maintenance free long lasting durability.

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