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Canada Greener Homes Grant

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Home Efficiency Rebate
Canada Greener Homes Grant

Starting January 2023 and lasting only until 2027, the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus Program is available for Ontario residents to save money on their power bill. This program, funded by Enbridge Gas and the Canada Greener Home Grant, working together with NRCan (Natural Resources Canada), is designed to help households in Ontario like you, reduce your overall energy use.

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How the Rebate Works

How the Rebate Works

Retrofits grants: If you upgrade your windows and doors to ENERGY STAR qualifying models, you will qualify for up to $10,000 in rebates from the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus Program.

The second grant, through EnerGuide Home Energy Assessments program, you’ll have a pre install evaluation of your home. After you have new energy-efficient windows installed, there will be a follow-up evaluation.

Breakdown of Rebates

ENERGY STAR Certified Models

total for each rough opening

Replace your windows or sliding glass doors with ENERGY STAR certified models:

  • U-Factor of 1.22 W/m2K or less or
  • Energy Rating ≥ 34

Your Delco Rep will help you select the right eligible rebate product for your home!

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ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Models

total available per rough opening you retrofit

Replace your sliding glass doors or windows with this highest grade of energy efficient models:

  • U-Factor of 1.05 W/m2K or less or
  • Energy Rating ≥ 40

Your Delco Rep will help you select the right eligible rebate product for your home!

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Hinge Doors & Accessories

total per rough opening

Replace your hinged doors, with or without sidelites or transoms with ENERGY STAR certified models that meet these specifications:

  • U-Factor of 1.22 W/m2K or less or
  • Energy Rating ≥ 34

Your Delco Rep will help you select the right eligible rebate product for your home!

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How Much Money Is Available?

You can get up to $10,600 in window installation grants, which can help cover the cost of both new windows and the installation.

What is the Purpose of the Grants?
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In an effort to reduce greenhouse emissions, as well as help homeowners save money on their power bills, the Government of Canada, along with Enbridge Gas, and Ontario have teamed up to offer these rebates. The goal is to encourage homeowners like yourself, to upgrade your home, and reduce energy loss. This potentially could lead up to 20% in overall energy savings. Each home, together with potentially tens of thousands of homes, that take advantage of this program, can have a huge impact on the environment, along with greater energy stability.

How The Grant Program Will Work

It starts with an application. This involves an on-site evaluation by an HER+-approved Registered Energy Advisor. This evaluation will not only assess windows, but will identify elements in your home that can lead to energy loss, and recommendations for improvement and retrofit for added energy savings.

This report will identify recommendations that will improve your home. The Home Efficiency Rebate Plus Program works with window and door recommendations in the plan.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Windows and Doors

Save Money on your Power Bill

You could save up to 22% on your power bills simply by upgrading. With higher efficiency, your home will be more insulated form cold outdoor air. This leads to lower electric and gas use, which means lower power bills. Best yet, this savings will benefit you for years to come.

Today’s windows and doors are much more advanced than older models. Even if your windows or doors are only 10 years old, you could see a significant home efficiency benefit with a new upgrade.

Save Money on your Power Bill

Improve your Home’s Value

Improve your Home’s Value

Replacing windows and doors can increase the resale value of your home. New windows and doors make it more desirable, by upgrading the home to the latest styles, and giving future buyers of the home assurance that your home will be at its highest energy efficiency. In fact, you could get back over 70% of the cost simply with the added value. When you factor in this government grant, you can have over 100% ROI on your money invested. This is a simple investment that has huge returns.

Make your Home Eco-Friendly

Help do your part towards curbing climate change and protecting the environment. New windows and doors help reduce greenhouse emissions by cutting energy waste and insulating your home. In fact, today’s basic models are much more energy efficient than window and door models from 20 years ago. If you have old windows and doors, this is a simple upgrade that can help you do your part.

Make your Home Eco-Friendly

Additional Rules About this Window Grant Program

In order to qualify and use this program, there are certain eligibility requirements that must be met. In addition, there are some steps and actions that must be followed the complete the window and door installation successfully. These rules include:

  • You must be a resident in Ontario
  • Own and reside in the home you wish to upgrade
  • That home must be heated by natural gas
  • All windows and doors must be purchased
  • If the window or door units are purchased online, it must be through an online Canadian distributor
  • You must upgrade using specific models on the list above
  • Keep the EnergyStar certification labels on your new window and door units until after your post-evaluation assessment

Additional Questions FAQ about Home Efficiency Rebate Plus Program

If I already have a double-pane window, is that energy efficient?

Although double-pane is more significantly insulative than a single pane window, you should be aware of the age of your windows. If your double-pane windows are older than 20 years, chances are, the seals have cracked, and there may be leakage. Also, old double-pane windows were made in an era before many of the advanced technologies like gas fillings, vinyl frames, and low-conductive spacers were readily available. Many of our homeowners replace old double-pane windows with new ones, and see significant energy savings.

What is the difference between vinyl windows and other windows?

A vinyl window is actually referring to the frame, not the glass itself. Glass panes remain “made of glass”. But the frame, the material along the edges that holds the window together, can be made of many kinds of material, including aluminum, vinyl (pvc), and wood. Vinyl has a low conductive property, which means that the temperature between outside and inside stay apart longer, and don’t pass through as easily as metal. This is the energy efficiency we refer to from vinyl windows.

Are windows from Canada different than windows from the USA?

What is most important to look for is the Energy Star Certified in Canada label. It is similar to the ratings system in the States; but for the Canadian market. Because Canada’s overall climate is trends towards colder winters, it is essential to have high-efficiency windows. Delco Windows & Doors carries a full line of certified high-efficiency windows.

What are gas-filled windows?

When a window is filled with gas, Argon, (and sometimes krypton and xenon) is injected into the space between the glass panes of the window. This forms a denser barrier, functioning much like water, that slows down the temperature transfer between the inside and outside of a window. Gas-filled windows are one of many features that help create energy efficiency. Older windows in your home likely do not have this gas-filled feature, as it a more recent development over the past 20 years.

Do I need to get a permit to install a new window?

A permit is required in the event that you will be making structural or material changes to your house as part of the installation. In other words if you are creating new openings, or increasing the size of your windows, a permit is necessary.

I want to make a larger window than what is already there. Can I do that?

In some cases, yes. However, it all depends on the load-bearing nature of the studs in your wall near the vertical sides (jambs) of your window. If they are transferring significant structural load around your window, it is not wise to adjust the width. Often times, the height of a window, however, is easier to change; still providing you a larger, more spacious, window.

Are Delco Windows & Doors made in Canada?

All our windows and doors are custom manufactured here in Canada. All components assembly is done right here, contributing to the Canadian and local Toronto economy. Delco is part of the manufacturing process. But we also offer service of design, installation, and follow-up.

Can I purchase a Delco Window, and have someone else install it?

While we can simply provide the actual window or door itself, and let you obtain your own installer, it is recommended that Delco handle the entire process. The transferrable warranty is available for full-service installations.

I want to stick with aluminum frame windows. Are there ones that are more energy efficient?

While our specialty is high-efficiency replacement vinyl windows, we do offer some other frame materials, including wood-aluminum hybrid frames, and newer aluminum framing, which has some of the energy efficient benefits of vinyl.

I see condensation inside my window glass. What should I do?

Condensation inside window panes is typically due to broken seals around the window, which let air transfer into the pane. Once this happens, the window glass loses much of its insulative properties. While in theory, the glass could be resealed, it is difficult and expensive to remove the unsightly condensation, as well as correct the future possibility of it happening again. It is best to replace the window altogether. New vinyl frame windows have better, longer-lasting seals.

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